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Ask Amy: Wedding planning gets very awkward

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

My wife thinks I’m being a Scrooge.

– Scrooge

Dear Scrooge: I’m now wondering if Charles Dickens’ original inspiration for the Scrooge character came from receiving 46 texts on Christmas Eve from people he didn’t know.

I admit that I did not know until now that Merry Christmas group texts are a “thing.” And now that I do know they’re a thing, I pray to baby Jesus that I don’t land on anyone’s list.

You should do a quick internet search to see how to remove yourself from these chains, or “mute” the conversation.

Dear Amy: I’m responding to “Stuck,” the woman who wanted to take a trip to the Scottish Highlands with her sister, but her husband wouldn’t let her.


My wife and I have been together for 56 years. She has three sisters and had three first cousins. All were raised together.

My wife has spent her past three birthdays and wedding anniversaries in memory care with dementia.

But for a number of summers, she and some of the sisters and cousins went on "girls’ trips.”

The pictures I have show my wife in all of her summer beauty in Michigan, North Carolina, and other locales.


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