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Ask Amy: Married woman really wants to take a hike

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

He did say that he will only agree if he comes along, despite the fact that he has never wanted to do a trip like this!

Am I in need of counseling? We have been married for 30 years and have had our ups and downs.

I'd love to hear your take.

– Stuck Sister

Dear Stuck: “Girls’ trips” and “guys’ trips” are not articles of faith that a person needs to “believe in.” These sojourns, which range from simple afternoon hikes or rounds of golf to overseas excursions (like your sister’s) can be emotional ports of call for people, providing a way to reconnect with family members or friends without the pressure of performing for – or entertaining – spouses, partners, or children.

And – big bonus – many people return from these trips renewed and very happy to see their partners.


Many happily-together couples leave space for one another to take occasional trips like this, budgeting their funds accordingly.

It is ironic that your husband is insisting to go with you, all while he is demonstrating that he is probably the last person you would want to go anywhere with.

I would say that he is correct in this one regard: Yes, this will lead to you taking other trips without him – in your case, into the office of a counselor and/or a lawyer.

This episode has revealed your husband’s deep insecurity, expressed in his effort to repress, manipulate and control you.


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