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Ask Amy: Troubled son keeps coming back for more

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Over time I began to question leaving anything to my two sons who live far away and NEVER call to see how I am, which hurts me.

Recently my grandson (age 16) made a perfectly rational decision that his father, my eldest son, disagreed with.

My son responded by telling my grandson that he could not live with him anymore.

This child was then forced to have to leave school and all his friends in his senior year to move hours away to live with his mother.

He went from being a happy and gifted student to being an academically troubled, depressed young man.

I let my son know that I disagreed with his decision, and he stopped talking to me. He has since ignored all communication.


Would I be wrong to cut him out of my will and to give his share to my grandson, instead?

– Troubled Mom and Grandma

Dear Troubled: You should make whatever choices you want to make regarding your will.

I do suggest that you might want to use some assets before your death (if possible) to support your grandson’s growth and positive choices regarding his own future.


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