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Ask Amy: Young military marriage leads to quick divorce

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

He has just decided that it's over and she needs to pack and leave?

What should her first steps be? She lives several states away, so going to give her a hug is not possible, but I need to help her.

She is alone and devastated and doesn't know where to turn.

I encouraged her to see the pastor on base, (this is the only counselor), but she is hesitant.

Your advice?

– J


Dear J: Keep in close touch with your daughter. I agree that she should see the base chaplain. The chaplain cannot save her marriage, but that person will know the next steps the couple will need to take if they decide to separate – or if her husband alone decides to make this break permanent.

Military OneSource is a very helpful online portal provided by the U.S. Department of Defense. The site covers most conceivable topics of importance to military families, and offers a “live chat” function, as well as telephone counseling support.

Your daughter’s first step should be to research her legal options and responsibilities. She got married quickly – it might be best to also dissolve this brief marriage quickly.

My understanding is that if this divorce becomes a legal reality, your daughter will lose her access to live-in military housing.


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