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Ask Amy: Both giving and receiving bring trouble

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

We were shocked. While perhaps they should get points for being practical, the kids are very young, and I find this directive offensive.

My husband threw it in the trash.

What to do?

– Grandma in AZ

Dear Grandma: This letter regarding your gift-giving was particularly cold and unkind.

That having been said, many young and prosperous families do complain about their children receiving an overabundance of gifts.


You might choose to accept their directive, with a slight twist.

You could let this family know that for future gift-giving occasions, you will send the child a card, and if you choose to give money to the child, you will place the funds into an account that you will set up, turning the money over to the child at some future date.

I hope you will turn your material generosity toward children who really value it, donating gifts to your local “Toys for Tots” campaign, or your local children’s hospital’s holiday appeal.

Dear Amy: “Dreamer” was dreaming about contacting her first love.


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