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Ask Amy: Dad wants eviction, not connection

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Basically, I want my kids and I want to continue living my life. I'd rather not drag her through the mud in court, even though I think she’s emotionally abusive to me and the kids.

Seriously, my best plan right now is to serve her eviction papers if she continues to be angry all the time.

Any better suggestions?

– Mr. Pretty Dang Good Dad

Dear Mr. Good: First this: You may not be able to simply “evict” your partner, just because you want her out.

Money is obviously a key issue for you, but you make triple your partner’s income and yet you two split your mortgage and expenses 50/50. Why is that? Also, depending on what state you live in, income you’ve earned during your relationship could be considered “community property.”


Before breaking up the family, you should invite the mother of your children into counseling so that you both might learn better ways of relating and behaving.

A lawyer would update you about your legal rights and responsibilities regarding your children. If you truly are a martyr to your screaming wife, and not someone with a martyr complex, the court might award you sole custody, but if you share custody, because you are the higher earner, you would likely be expected to help support the other household; this is intended for the benefit of the children.

Mediation might be the least expensive (and least stressful) way for you two to part ways.

Dear Amy: My parents have been dead for many years now.


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