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Ask Amy: Non-vaxxed neighbor considers options

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: Occasionally, I get together with a few of my neighbors.

Recently these people have commented negatively about people not getting the COVID vaccine. I refuse to get this shot.

Should I admit my decision not to vaccinate — and tell them about it?

Should I just not be their friend anymore?

What is your advice?

– I Refuse


Dear You Refuse: You have the right to roll the dice regarding your refusal to vaccinate against a highly contagious virus that is the cause of a global pandemic.

You do NOT have the right to withhold your decision – when you know this is important to people you have been spending time with.

You likely believe this is a personal and private decision, but – unlike other choices you might make — this is a personal choice with communal consequences.

Their vaccinations would likely protect your neighbors from the more severe forms of this illness, but – they may have elders or other more vulnerable people in their circles who might not be so lucky.


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