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Ask Amy: Rom-com might not have happy ending

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: They say you never forget your first love.

Is reaching out to them crossing a line?

Life for me was like a “rom-com” movie; I grew up as the girl next door in a gorgeous home. I was in love with the boy next door, “Brian.”

We had a pretend wedding when we were kids and always joked about being married to each other. His mom even saved the picture from our pretend wedding.

I loved him very much. We shared our first sexual experience together.

Then, my father's once-successful business went under and our house was foreclosed. We were forced to move.


Brian wrote me a letter when I moved about how he would always be there for me and for a while, he was. We still saw each other, but on his terms. He started having commitment issues, we both met different people, he went away to college, and we've both had a few different "loves" since then.

About 10 years ago he reached out to me on social media, but it was a shorter conversation than I would have liked, as I was in a relationship. Fast-forward to today. We are both married to different (lovely) people, and he lives in a different city.

The thought of cheating on my husband makes me cringe. But Brian played in a band and I would think about going to the venue just to "run into" him again.

I think about him every day! I dream about him at least once a week. It's always exciting to dream about him, but I’m sad when I wake up.


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