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Ask Amy: Self-taught expert oversteps with advice

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Dear Left Out: I don’t think you’re being “played.” I think that you and your husband are “That nice couple who sublet part of their nice condo in Cabo each year.”

Because they are never in touch (until it’s “Cabo-time”), these two women are not in your friend-zone. But if you enjoy their company, you should continue to rent to them, and if you’d like to be included in some of their adventures – you should let them know: “I saw on Facebook that you two were in Florida. If there’s ever room for a third, I hope you’ll let me know.”

Dear Amy: Regarding the common problem of parents being "overrun" with their kids’ toys, here’s what my friend did: Once a month she would go into her children's room and create a pile of toys. She would tell her kids that in three days whatever was left in that pile would be donated.

The kids could take back whatever they wanted. She was always surprised with how much was still in the pile by the third day.

– Toy Lover!


Dear Toy Lover! I like it!


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