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Ask Amy: Old friend is too curious about birth mystery

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I didn't hear from her for a few more months, and then just yesterday she messaged and said that she had a baby a couple weeks ago and that mother and baby are doing well.

I replied with a congratulatory message and that for some reason I thought she had already had a baby before.

She is being very evasive about all this baby news. I'm guessing because this did not happen in a traditional way (she has made no mention of a significant other).

Do I just need to wait this out to find out more details about this huge milestone in her life?

– Curious Cat

Dear Curious: Your friend “Sheila’s” choice to move to another country is starting to make sense!


I jest, of course. Yes, it is understandable that her baby news is of interest to her old friends.

The most respectful way to respond is to react to her news exactly the way she has presented it, not to gossip or speculate about her to others in your circle, and to express your genuine happiness that she and her baby are doing well.

Her previous plea for baby things might have been on behalf of someone else, or it might have been for her first child – and this baby is her second.

You’ll have to be patient and allow her to disclose details about her own life in her own way and on her own timetable.


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