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Ask Amy: Serious illness is dismissed as psychosomatic

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Any advice on how to gracefully shut her down?

– Not “All in My Head”

Dear Not: Because of her lack of compassion toward you, your mother-in-law has surrendered her privilege to know about or discuss your health. Your health – past or present – should be off the table.

If she raises her theory about your first pregnancy again, you can say, “I’m going to have to interrupt you mid-thought. Let’s not discuss my health, OK?”

Your husband is right: His mother’s opinions about your health struggles don’t matter, and your behavior will demonstrate that from here on out, it is not up for discussion.

Dear Amy: I have a family member who lives in another state but has a second home in my state.


They come to their second home but are never willing to come see my family.

I have tried to meet them, given them ideas to get together, and have even offered to meet halfway so they don't have to drive so far.

They are never willing to come to see us or drive to our house.

In six years, we have seen them once.


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