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Ask Amy: Family reacts with anger after sudden death

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Recently, I had a meeting with a supervisor in which she and I had a friendly interaction where she discussed many of her concerns with our staff.

I shared this information with my two friends, after-hours and in a private setting.

They then repeated the information which I had shared with them.

Although none of what I said to them was untrue, I feel both betrayed and embarrassed me.

I worry that this will negatively impact my relationship with my supervisor.

How can I make amends and apologize for my oversharing?


– Nervous Teacher

Dear Nervous: I assume your supervisor did not preface her remarks with: “Please keep this to yourself.” If she had, you would owe her an apology.

I’m also going to assume working on the staff of a school might be like working for a newspaper: fueled by gossip and intrigue.

Any supervisor should assume that information impacting the staff which has been passed along, would continue to be passed along.


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