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Ask Amy: ‘Best of’ column addresses video gaming

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Dear Gamer: You have the fortitude to say “no” to something and to stick with it. Good for you! – June 2012

Dear Amy: Responding to the letter from “Unplugged Mom,” who was worried about her young children playing M-rated video games: In my household, we say those games are rated “I,” not “M.”

I think you can guess why!

– Also a Gamer

Dear Gamer: Actually, I can’t figure out your home rating system. But the most important thing is that the adults in your household make appropriate choices, and that you are consistent in your enforcement.

Dear Amy: Regarding “gaming addiction,” my mom seems addicted to playing games on her phone.

I don’t know how to get her attention!


– Upset Kid

Dear Upset: Ask her to agree to limits, post them on the fridge, and remind her when she strays.


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