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Ask Amy: ‘Best of’ column concerns weight gain

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Did you embark on your own weight-loss adventure for your girlfriend? No, you did it for you. Getting in shape is like that. It is an important pursuit that yields many benefits, but it is ultimately self-serving.

You are shallow. Thin, fit, and shallow.

So, tell this lovely woman that her weight gain is a turnoff and that you'd feel best if she was a female version of you. She may then embark on a crash diet, suddenly losing an amount roughly equal to your body weight. – August 2012

Dear Amy: I disagree. I exercise and eat right so I have energy and can ward off short- and long-term health problems and stay attractive.

Luckily, I have been married to a man for 22 years who watches his weight and health too.

I know this will sound snarky, but I am appalled by the people I see who are so heavy. This puts a burden on our health care system. Being way overweight should not be the new normal.


– A in Illinois

Dear A: Many people thought I was too hard on "Hal,'' but I was responding to the tone of his letter, as much as his statements. – August 2012

Dear Amy: Over the years you have published letters from people distraught about someone else gaining weight, and you always come down very hard on those letter writers.

Alcoholics have Alcoholics Anonymous and overweight persons have Overeaters Anonymous.


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