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Dehydration: Don't sweat it

As Wolverine, actor Hugh Jackman made the contours of his muscles, veins and bones pop out by intentionally becoming super-dehydrated for 36 hours before shooting shirtless scenes. Risky business. In 1992, 33-year-old pro bodybuilder Mohammed Benaziza died following a competition when severe dehydration caused heart failure. And even if you don'...Read more

The quality of PE class can transform kids' academic success

Extraordinary athletes know the extraordinary power of physical activity to reshape your mind and the mind's power to transform your body. ShifuYan Lei, who teaches Shaolin Qigong, says, "If you ever lack the motivation to train, then think what happens to your mind and body when you don't." Golfer Sam Snead put it another way: "Practice puts ...Read more

Artificial sweeteners turn bacteria in your gut against you

Victor Lustig was a true con man, offering fake shares in fake businesses (Al Capone fell for it), counterfeiting money and even selling the Eiffel Tower. But all those artificial enterprises just ended him up in Alcatraz, where he died in 1947.

Turns out that you all have been equally conned by artificial sweeteners -- they offer the illusion ...Read more

Sowing the seeds of health

"The Demon Seed," "The Dragon Seed," "The Seed of Chucky" -- based on those movie titles you might think seeds were a menace to us all. Quite the opposite. Seeds contain a bounty of nutrients that fight disease and help prevent premature aging. Here are some seeds you might not have tried yet. (Recipes and more info for these are on www.DoctorOz...Read more

What fuels stroke-related disability? Get to the meat of the matter

The word "stroke" has so many meanings: to pat or rub gently; the striking of a clock (the stroke of midnight); and of course, to have a blood clot that lodges in the brain.

Someone in the U.S. has a stroke every 40 seconds -- and stroke is a leading cause of long-term disability, reducing mobility in more than half of stroke survivors ages 65 ...Read more

COVID-19 vaccines don't KO men's fertility, but COVID-19 may

Rocky Marciano won all 49 of his professional boxing matches, because he knew how to avoid a knockout punch. Well, guys, the same is true for you when you get the COVID-19 vaccine. You don't have to worry that your sperm will get KO'd. Quite the opposite, according to a new study that looked at the impact of the two mRNA vaccines -- Pfizer and ...Read more

Are you dumbing down your kids?

In "Idiocracy," a 2006 movie starring Luke Wilson, Cpl. Joe Bauers is enrolled in a top-secret military hibernation program but is forgotten. When he awakens 500 years later, he discovers that folks have become so idiotic that he's easily the most intelligent person alive. Well, it turns out that it doesn't take 500 years to see evidence of ...Read more

Supertasters dodge a bullet while dodging important nutrients

When you think of supertasting, what favorite food do you fantasize about? For Dr. Mike, it's salmon burgers. But for true supertasters, with the supertaster gene that makes them highly sensitive to bitter and strong flavors, it's more about avoiding foods than longing for them.

Around 25% of folks are supertasters, and although they're food-...Read more

Is diabetes disrupting your sleep? Why it's important

When NFL offensive lineman Ryan Jensen was waking up more than 13 times a night, he developed mood swings, fatigue and lost weight -- jeopardizing his career. Once he was diagnosed and treated for sleep apnea, he was back on track. But he's not alone; it's estimated that 33% to 50% of elite athletes are poor sleepers. That's about the same ...Read more

Taming your glucose levels

Greg Aiello's "Nature Gone Wild" brings raging bears, disastrous lightning strikes and ferocious crocodiles to your TV screen, demonstrating just how magnificent and hard to tame Mother Nature really is. That's great fun to watch. But when it is your nature that's untamed, it can turn seriously risky.

A study by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School ...Read more

Only 7% of you are getting enough fiber

"The Seven Per-Cent Solution" is a mystery that offers intriguing insights into Sherlock Holmes' psychology, eccentricities -- and addiction to a 7% solution of cocaine. We hope you'll find it just as entertaining to try to unravel the mystery of -- and find a solution for -- the fact that an average of only 7% of you are taking in enough fiber ...Read more

Hot car hazards

In the summer of 2019, a 5-month-old child was rescued after spending almost an hour alone in a scorching-hot car in the parking lot of an Arizona Target store (it was 100 degrees outside and more than 134 degrees inside the car). Thankfully, the baby was not seriously harmed. But such circumstances don't always end with a rescue.

According to ...Read more

Don't kid yourself -- there's no such thing as healthy obesity

The blue whale is the largest ocean dweller, weighing around 180 tons, and the ostrich is the largest bird -- it can hit 345 pounds and still run 42 mph. Those heavyweight creatures are, well, a healthy weight. But for you, becoming a heavyweight is downright unhealthy, even if you qualify as having what some folks (not us) have called "...Read more

Individual vitamin supplements -- do's and don'ts

When it comes to combining vitamins, it pays to know which may block each other from doing their good work and which may amplify their effects.

Fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K

-- Absorption is improved if you take fat-soluble vitamins with a meal containing healthy fats. One study found that taking vitamin D with your largest meal of the ...Read more

You still need a good daily dose of DHA omega-3s

In 1993, the Bee Gees crooned in "Omega Man": "I'm the Omega Man/Stand tall and understand/Everybody needs a plan." That could be the theme song of omega-3s these days. When a study came out in Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy saying that high doses of fish oil are correlated with the onset of atrial fibrillation (a heart rhythm disorder that can ...Read more

Spice it up

A few years ago, a poll conducted by a hot sauce brand claimed to prove that people who like spicy food are spicier when it comes to romance. We're not sure that holds up, but we are sure that when it comes to enjoying spices -- and not just hot ones -- the more the merrier, and healthier.

Two studies on the effect of America's favorite spices ...Read more

One more reason to keep your heart healthy

Bobby Orr, the great NHL defenseman, had surgery on his knees more than a dozen times. Although docs could repair his aching joints, over time, his knees -- and career -- eroded even more. In his last three seasons with Chicago, he played in only 26 games.

The same kind of post-recovery hazards can plague survivors of a heart attack. These days...Read more

Six ways to slash your familial risk for dementia

Ron Prescott Reagan, 63, President Ronald Reagan's son, may be the political opposite of his conservative father, but one thing he and his dad may have in common is a familial risk for dementia. President Reagan had Alzheimer's for 10 years when he died in 2004 at age 93. And a new study says (if you don't adopt dementia-defeating habits) having...Read more

A super-tasty way to slash your risk for Type-2 diabetes

Carmen Miranda, the so-called "Brazilian Bombshell," once sported a "hat" topped with around 17 pieces of fruit and two bunches of grapes. Far more than you need to have every day! Turns out that enjoying two servings (that's an apple and eight large strawberries, for example) a day can slash your risk for Type-2 diabetes over the next five ...Read more



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