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The new vaccination schedule: What it means for you

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This month Steven Soderbergh's new film, "Unsane," hits the big screen, but it was shot on a small one: an iPhone. And, says the director of "Erin Brockovich," "Traffic" and "Ocean's Eleven," it's what he'll use for shooting films from now on!

Someone else has changed their shots too: The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. Effective ...Read more

Not all milk alternatives are equal

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In 2013, actress Anne Hathaway was in line to join the string of famous celebrities who've posed with the classic white moustache for the Got Milk? campaign when she discovered she was lactose intolerant! Her campaign was canceled. But in 1999, Whoopi Goldberg, who is also lactose intolerant, did get to do her campaign, quipping, "Lucky for us ...Read more

When flu delivers the old one-two

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Around 1919, the phrase "the old one-two" first appeared when sports writers described a left-right combo that landed an opponent flat on his back. And it's just as appropriate today when using the phrase to describe what can happen if you come down with the flu.

This is an especially flu-ish year. As of Feb. 2, 42 states plus New York City and...Read more

Don't overdo it on the laxatives

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In the 2005 movie "Wedding Crashers," John (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) cruise weddings (without invitations) to find dates. That is, until John falls for a bride's sister, Claire. To steal her away from her boyfriend named Sack (really!), John puts medicated eyedrops into his wine, producing a laxative effect that leaves him stuck in...Read more

The health pitfalls of juice

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In the 2005 comedy "Kicking and Screaming," former NFL coach Mike Ditka plays an assistant to kids' soccer coach Phil (Will Ferrell). At one point, the ever-bossy coach Phil yells, "You're supposed to back me up and go get me juice boxes ... Now go get me a juice box!" "Are you crazy?" retorts Ditka. "Oh, I'm not crazy," says Phil, "I'm just ...Read more

NSAIDs can get nasty!

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Ben Affleck, Lisa Kudrow and Janet Jackson suffer from migraines, as do 39 million other Americans. Tension headaches will afflict probably everyone at one time or another. Add to that the fact that 100 million folks in the U.S. deal with chronic pain, and it's hardly surprising that 30 billion doses of prescription and over-the-counter ...Read more

Don't give me no hand-me-down toys

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In 1970, The Guess Who sang, "Don't give me no hand-me-down shoes." Correct grammar aside, we'd like to add a lyric: "Don't give me no hand-me-down toys."

You can find old toys in Grandma's attic, on the internet or at a garage sale. Maybe it's a Lionel train set, an old dollhouse or building blocks. Look, but don't buy! Regulations on toy ...Read more

Get second reading if doc says your child has HBP

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In the 2002 movie "The Rookie," Dennis Quaid plays a talented pitcher who never made it past the minor leagues because of a shoulder injury. But he promises the high-school baseball team he coaches that he'll try out to be a pitcher again if they win their district playoffs, which they do. One night, driving past a roadside digital speedometer, ...Read more

It's tea time

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In 2008, on the way to the Pro-Am at Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Classic in Orlando, Florida, golfer John Daly was informed by the news media that he'd been fired by his swing coach, Butch Harmon. Rough news. But he always liked the pro-am round with local business folks, and he was set for a 9:47 tee time. Upon signing in, he found that the ...Read more

Is chocolate really a health food?

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In 1847 a British father-son team made the first commercially produced chocolate bar from cocoa powder paste and sugar. Two decades later in Switzerland, Daniel Peter invented milk chocolate. Now, 151 years later, the confection is being consumed for its health benefits.

This has happened in part because there's some science supporting the ...Read more

The to-do list: your new sleeping pill?

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In "The Bucket List" Carter (Morgan Freeman) and Edward (Jack Nicholson) are two unlikely friends who circle the globe hoping to check off their undone wishes before succumbing to the cancer that soon may be the end of them both. That idea -- making sure you get to do often-quirky adventures before you die -- fascinates folks. One survey found ...Read more

Breast cancer survivors face greater risk from heart attack than from breast cancer!

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"The Book of Broken Hearts," "The Queen of Broken Hearts," even "Broken Hearts, Fences and Other Things to Mend" ... the list of novels devoted to figuring out how girls and women can repair broken hearts is centuries-long. But for women in the U.S. who have survived breast cancer (the American Cancer Society estimates that 90 percent of breast ...Read more

Don't worry, guys; bike riding won't mess with your reproductive and urinary systems

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When Miguel Indurain won the Tour de France five times from 1991 to 1995, he may not have had fatherhood on his mind (getting over those Pyrenees was challenge enough). But his two sons, Miguel and Jon, born shortly after his last victory, seem to validate a new study debunking the often-reported damage that cycling can do to a man's ...Read more

Haunted by negative thoughts? It may be a sleep problem

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In a popular 2017 "SNL" skit, Ryan Gosling plays a weirdly troubled man. "I thought it was behind me, but the dreams came back," he narrates. "I was up all night. I can't eat. I can't sleep ... I forgot about it for years, but then I remembered that 'Avatar,' the giant international blockbuster, used the Papyrus font as its logo. [The graphic ...Read more

Heart health do-over: You have the power

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In the 2013 movie "About Time," 21-year-old Tim Lake decides to use newly discovered powers to travel back in time and win over the girl of his dreams. His success emboldens him to "fix" more past events, threatening the future. As with most time-travel tales, the lesson is, "You don't get a do-over."

Well, nothing could be further from the ...Read more

Making kids soccer safer: Warmup is key

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There's a soccer training camp called De Toekomst (The Future) where kids as young as 7 from around The Netherlands are brought, having been spotted as potential professionals. Now, Ajax, the Dutch soccer club that runs the camp, is "flying in their world-famous youth coaches, directly from their famed Academy in Amsterdam," to start training ...Read more

NR supplements help repair your mitochondria

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The comedian Andy Kaufman used to lip-sync part of the 1950s "Mighty Mouse" cartoon theme song: "Here I come to save the day!" Well, another Mighty Mouse -- several, actually -- recently made their debut in a study published in the journal Nature, titled "Nicotinamide Riboside Preserves Cardiac Function in a Mouse Model of Dilated Cardiomyopathy...Read more

Understanding how the brain creates stuttering

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When British actress Emily Blunt hits the big screen as Mary Poppins in the December release "Mary Poppins Returns," few will guess that she stuttered as a child. She told an interviewer in 2008: "I was a smart kid, and had a lot to say, but I just couldn't say it ... I never thought I'd be able to sit and talk to someone like I'm talking to you...Read more

When Lyme disease lingers, it's in your body, not in your head!

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On a "Seinfeld" episode, Jerry has given Kramer his spare keys, but keeps finding Kramer in his apartment at inopportune times. Finally, Jerry brings a date home, only to see Kramer and his girlfriend emerging from his bedroom. "All right, that's it. Hand 'em over," says Jerry. Finally, Kramer agrees to, but threatens, "You're going to regret ...Read more


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