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Go with the grain to eat less and reduce bodywide inflammation

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As the playwright Tom Stoppard ("The Real Thing," "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" and "The Real Inspector Hound") once said, "We give advice by the bucket, but take it by the grain." That may describe all-too-human pushiness and folly wrapped up together, but what if we did the opposite? When it comes to whole grains, dishing them out by...Read more

Learn, Nap, Repeat: How sleep consolidates learning

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At the 2015 World Yo-Yo Contest in Tokyo, Yang Yuan-Ching from Taiwan won the "Long Sleeper" contest with a time of 29 minutes and 45 seconds; that's how long the yo-yo napped at the end of its fully extended string before being reawakened and rewound without trouble. And that's just about the perfect naptime for people, too!

Napping is a ...Read more

Making sure your home pregnancy test is accurate

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During Monica and Chandler's wedding on "Friends," Rachel reveals that she's pregnant. "Are you sure you peed on the stick right?" Monica asks. "How many ways are there to do that?" Rachel replies, before agreeing to take another test.

Well, there are more ways than you may think -- and how you do it really does matter.

Even though home ...Read more

Teaching your kids not to be racially biased

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In game three of the World Series, the Houston Astros' Yuli Gurriel was suspended for the first five games of the 2018 season for his cruel and insensitive mockery of the LA Dodgers' Japanese-Iranian pitcher Yu Darvish. Gurriel's words and gesture -- ridiculing Darvish's Asian eye shape -- reveal humans' all-too-frequent tendency to negatively ...Read more

Don't vape if you're pregnant

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In the 1936 film "My Man Godfrey," Godfrey the butler (William Powell) must deal with the lady of the house (Carole Lombard), who's often afflicted with a case of the vapors -- in other words, she's conveniently prone to fainting. How Godfrey deals with this is pretty funny, but it's not something you see much of these days. Hard to picture a ...Read more

A new way to clean apples

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Apple picking is a fall tradition and, depending on where you live, you can enjoy that fresh-off-the-tree flavor of many of the more than 100 varieties grown commercially around the U.S. The colonists planted the first apple trees here in the 1600s -- crabapples are the only native variety.

No matter what your favorite apple is, unfortunately, ...Read more

Yoga and aerobics for the heart

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What do LeBron James, Kevin Garnett and Kevin Love have in common? If you said they're championship-winning basketball players (one is retired), you'd be right. But it turns out they share something else: They do yoga to improve their on-court performance. "Yoga helps me calm down and ... center my energy so I'm balanced, instead of going out ...Read more

Trip the light? Fantastic!

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Rosanne Barr, Al Roker and Rosie O'Donnell are outspoken about their weight-loss surgery and its life-changing benefits. Rosanne was a pioneer in 1998 when she hit 350 pounds on her 5-foot-4 frame; Al lost 150 pounds, regained 40, and has lost some again. Rosie chose the surgery after a heart attack at 50 scared her into action.

Not for you? ...Read more

Protecting your pet from fake meds

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From "Lady and the Tramp" (1955) to "A Lucky Dog: Owney, U.S. Rail Mail Mascot" (2003) and "A Dog's Purpose" (2016), it's clear we love our pooches on and off the page and screen, and that we want to give them the best life we can. But you can get derailed, warns the Food and Drug Administration, if you buy your canine's medications online.

In ...Read more

Benefits of spirulina

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Today, Mexico City sits in a dry basin, but back in the 16th century, the area was filled with the waters of Lake Texcoco. That was home to the Aztecs, who built a city on an island in the lake and used its waters as a food source. They would scrape a slimy blue-green substance they called "tcuitlatl" off the water's surface using fine nets. ...Read more

Itching for relief from eczema?

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Itchy and Scratchy debuted on "The Simpsons" in the fourth episode of the first season, in 1990. Known for their gratuitous violence, they are two of the most unsavory cartoon characters ever. But ask anyone who has to contend with eczema, and they'll tell you that's about right! Their "itchy" and "scratchy" symptoms are just as unpleasant.

...Read more

Do as I do

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That much-favored, hypocritical saying bandied about by lazy authoritarians, "Do as I say, not as I do," never seems very convincing to any kid. And now, research has demonstrated that the exact opposite is actually what motivates kids to tackle tough situations -- because when responsible adults communicate "Do as I do," it's inspiring to young...Read more

Do the math and stay young

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The top U.S. elementary school in the 2016-2017 Math League was Medina Elementary School in Medina, Washington. Congratulations, kids! These students know their numbers. Unfortunately, many high school students around the country don't.

According to the latest results of the Program for International Student Assessment -- its worldwide exam is ...Read more

Exercise fends off depression

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In the 2003 movie "Lost in Translation," over-the-hill American movie star Bob Harris (Bill Murray) rambles around Tokyo -- he's there to shoot a whisky commercial -- in a fog of depression. Trying to pick himself up, he hits the elliptical (he had the right idea), but ends up losing the battle of the machines and limping around feeling blue ...Read more

Potassium for the heart

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If you were shopping in a grocery store in the 1940s, you wouldn't recognize the bananas in the produce section. The Gros Michel species was shorter and stubbier than today's version, without that signature curve. That banana was wiped out by the TR-1 (Tropical Race-1) fungus. The Cavendish bananas we eat today are resistant to TR-1, and they're...Read more

Sometimes crying is healthy

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In the 2008 film "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," Peter Bretter (Jason Segel) takes a Hawaiian vacation to get over his recent breakup. But his ex and her new boyfriend turn out to be staying in his hotel. The discovery shatters him, and he ends up sobbing on his balcony. Then the front desk calls: "We're getting complaints about a woman crying ...Read more

Get real about hormones

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"The Real Thing," a Tom Stoppard play, first appeared on Broadway in 1984. It's a sometimes-desperate search for laughs and true love. Along the way, a newly coupled couple, played by Jeremy Irons and Glenn Close, revealed that despite all claims to the contrary, they might not have found the real thing.

According to a recent editorial in JAMA ...Read more

Wash away UTIs

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Remember Adam Sandler in "Billy Madison," Bill Paxton in "True Lies" and (most poignant) Jeremy Blackman in "Magnolia"? In those movies, it's the men and boys who, finding themselves in some supposedly amusing or heartfelt situation, fail to hold their water, so to speak, and pee on screen.

But peeing in your pants because of a urinary tract ...Read more

Talking to kids about traumas and disasters

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In the 2004 movie "Into the Storm" a tornado devastates a high-school community. As the townspeople work to rebuild their connections, they find hope and security. Good for them. But in the real world, with all the deadly storms and tragic shootings that have happened lately, many parents are struggling to help their children cope. Fortunately, ...Read more

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