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Drug Price Cap, but Not Hospital or Doctor Bills

Scott LaFee on

More than 63 million Americans are covered by Medicare.

Here's the good news: By 2025, they'll pay no more than $2,000 per year for their drugs.

Here's the bad news: For those enrolled in traditional Medicare (about 35 million people) without supplemental coverage, there are no caps on hospital or doctor bills. That could mean catastrophic medical bills arising from catastrophic out-of-pocket expenses.

Medicare Advantage, which is operated by health insurance companies, offers limits on out-of-pocket costs (at a greater premium cost). Advocates are pushing to establish a cap for all services under Medicare.

Taking a Mental Health Day

If you haven't "quiet quit," maybe take a day off from work.


A new report from the U.S. Surgeon General says many Americans' mental health and well-being is being tested by their workplace, specifically chronic stress, unpaid leave and endless hours.

Recent surveys found that 76% of U.S. workers reported at least one symptom of a mental health condition; 84% of respondents said their workplace conditions had contributed to at least one mental health challenge; and 81% of workers reported that they will be looking for workplaces that support mental health in the future.

Body of Knowledge

If a double strand of DNA in a single cell were the thickness of a clothesline, it would extend 5 miles from end to end.


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