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A Little Dose of Cash

Scott LaFee on

Not so long ago, one of the most popular ideas for boosting COVID-19 vaccination rates was running million-dollar vaccine lotteries. Get vaccinated, and you had a chance to become very rich!

But it turns out a little cash in hand is a better enticer to getting a shot in the shoulder. A study on JAMA Network Open found that when vaccination promoters offered small, guaranteed payments, such as a $25 cash card, they attracted more participants over the longer term. And when they provided the cards to people who drove others to get vaccinated, numbers went up further.

Coming Up Short, Genetically Speaking

The historical trend over the past 100 years of humans growing taller and reaching sexual maturity sooner is largely attributed to better access to food during pregnancy and childhood.

But new research suggests a receptor in the brain called MC3R plays a role. The receptor responds to nutritional signals. Researchers found that people born with genetic mutations that disrupt MC3R's functions were on average shorter and experienced puberty later than those with no mutation.

The findings may help in testing children with growth and puberty delays.


Body of Knowledge

Approximately 90% of dreams are forgotten after waking.

And if you remember a dream, what does it mean? It means you were asleep.

Get Me That, Stat!


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