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Migraines and Dementia

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Migraines and dementia have much in common. Headaches, including migraines, are the most common neurological disorder across all ages. Dementia is the most common neurological disease in older adults.

A new Canadian study of 679 adults (62% women) ages 65 and older reports that migraines also appear to be a significant risk factor for dementia, including Alzheimer's disease. Of the total number of participants, 7.5% developed dementia over the length of the study. Those with dementia were three times more likely to have experienced migraines than those without dementia.

The observational study did not prove cause and effect but suggested migraines may be a risk factor and an early sign of dementia before symptoms actually appear.

Trouble Within

The elderly are often targeted by crooks and scammers, but a new University of Southern California study indicates the greater threat of financial elder abuse is from relatives, not strangers.

Analyzing data from the National Center on Elder Abuse, researchers said financial abuse was the most common reported form (61%), followed by emotional abuse (35%), neglect (20%), physical abuse (12%) and sexual abuse (0.3%). In one-third of reports, there was more than one type of abuse.


"We expected to find that financial abuse was the most common abuse reported," said lead author Gali Weissberger. "But despite the high rates of financial exploitation perpetrated by scammers targeting older adults, we found that family members were the most commonly alleged perpetrators of financial abuse. In fact, across all abuse types, with the exception of sexual abuse and self-neglect, abuse by a family member was the most commonly reported."

Body of Knowledge

A snoring partner wakes his or her non-snoring partner an average of 20 times per night, resulting in an average sleep loss of one hour per night, according to Ellen Michaud, author of "Sleep to Be Sexy, Smart, and Slim."

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