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Self Exam

Q: How old is your body?

A: This seems like a trick question, either obvious or somehow beyond response. The answer is in between. Whatever your age, your body is many years younger. In fact, much of it may be, on average, 10 years old or less. That's because most cells have a lifespan and are constantly replaced. Stomach lining cells last only a few days; skin epidermal cells a few week; red blood cells a few months. Other cells last for years. One researcher found that the average age of rib muscle cells in people in their late 30s was 15.1 years.

Curtain Calls


In 1923, Frank Hayes, a jockey at Belmont Park in New York, died of a heart attack during his first race. His mount won the race with Hayes' body remaining perched in the saddle. No one realized Hayes had died until his horse's owner approached to congratulate Hayes on the victory.


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