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The Pain of Psoriasis

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Medical History

This week in 1987, Paul Holc became the youngest person in the world known to have an organ transplant of any kind when he received a new heart at just three hours old. The heart transplant was performed by surgeons at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Holc suffered from hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a fatal heart defect in which the heart's left chamber is missing or atrophied. He was delivered early by Caesarian section because a donor heart became available from a brain-dead baby in Canada.

Med School

Q: Can you identify these body parts: uvula, axilla, philtrum and nares.


A: They are, respectively: the fleshy pink tissue hanging from the roof of your mouth, which prevents food and liquid from passing into your nasal cavity; your armpit; the skin indentation between your nose and upper lip; and the two openings of your nose.


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