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Is a 'twindemic' on the horizon? Experts warn of brutal flu season as COVID-19 still spreads. Here are 8 things to know about getting your flu shot

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Korpics said September — now — is a great time to get vaccinated against influenza.

“Don’t wait,” she said.

Michelson agreed.

“Flu vaccines are currently available,” she said. “Go get your annual flu vaccine now.”

3. The COVID-19 shot and flu vaccine can be administered at the same time.

“You can get a COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines at the same visit,” the CDC says on its website. “You no longer need to wait 14 days between vaccinations.”


The agency adds that side effects after COVID-19 vaccination are generally the same when given alone or with other immunizations.

“You can get (vaccines) on the same day,” Korpics said. “We want you to be protected and to protect those around you who are especially vulnerable to influenza and COVID. Don’t let yourself or those around you suffer from a preventable illness. Both vaccines are safe and, in general, there are few people with contraindications to either vaccine.”

4. It’s important to get these vaccines to protect yourself — and to help those who can’t get vaccinated.

Although children under 12 can’t get the COVID-19 vaccine yet, most can get immunized against the flu, and health experts say it’s important to protect them against any virus possible to minimize potential illness during the pandemic.


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