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They call USS Ford's all female bridge watch section the 'Iron 9'

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"There's a lot of information flowing," Carney said.

He should know. Carney's job, when he's on the bridge, is to make sure orders from the captain or the officer who has the conn - overall direction for where the carrier is going - are relayed and carried out, as he helps coordinate and respond to what navigators, the engine room and sailors on radar watch, working in a compartment behind the bridge itself, report.

In his 15 years in the Navy, Carney said he's never seen an all-female bridge watch section.

"I think it sends a great signal to the Ford, and to the whole Navy," he said. "The deck department's traditionally been mostly male."

He's got high hopes for the Iron 9. "It's basically OJT (on the job training)," he said. "They have specific things they have to do and get checked off on ... then BM2 Matthews tests them to be sure they've got it."


And, as far as he's concerned, Matthews and the Iron 9 are the future of the Navy.

"These boatswain's mates have the best work ethic I've ever seen in my career," he said. "I can easily see some of these sailors commissioning during their time in the Navy. The sky's the limit for this crew."

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