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Senate Democrats skeptical of Warren's 'Medicare for All' push

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"Trump will take their insurance away if he wins that court case," Brown said.

Republican state attorneys general sued to overturn the law after Republicans essentially repealed a penalty for the law's requirement that most Americans have insurance coverage. While Republicans on Capitol Hill don't all support the lawsuit, there's not a consensus plan to restore popular parts of the law, like protections for people with pre-existing conditions, should the courts strike it down, but many Republicans have said they would like to protect pre-existing condition protections.

Even some lawmakers who have backed the Medicare for All bill said that Democrats should be highlighting the differences between themselves and Trump -- which will likely become easier to do after the primary phase of the campaign.

Wisconsin Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin, a co-sponsor of Sanders' bill, said an expected ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit on the Texas v. Azar lawsuit may draw more attention to those differences.

"The difference in my mind is not among the Democratic contenders," she said. "It's between a president who's suing in court to take away 20 million peoples' health insurance and candidates who through a variety of plans are trying to extend access, lower prices and improve quality."


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