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Groupons for medical treatment? Welcome to today's US health care

Lauren Weber, Kaiser Health News on

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Emory University medical fellow Dr. Nicole Herbst was shocked when she saw three patients who came in with abnormal results from chest CT scans they had bought on Groupon.

Yes, Groupon -- the online coupon mecca that also sells discounted fitness classes and foosball tables.

"Saw 3 pts in clinic for abnormal chest CTs BOUGHT ON GROUPON.

Evolution of my thoughts:

-What the $@&#? (Google it)

-hm actually priced pretty reasonably


-jeez if I ever need testing I'm going w/ Groupon, prob cheaper than insurance.

US healthcare is bonkers," she tweeted.

Similar deals have shown up for various lung, heart and full-body scans across Atlanta, as well as in Oklahoma and California. Groupon also offers discount coupons for expectant parents looking for ultrasounds, sold as "fetal memories."

While Herbst declined to comment for this story, her sentiments were shared widely by the medical community on social media. The concept of patients using Groupons to get discounted medical care elicited the typical stages of Twitter grief: anger, bargaining and acceptance that this is the medical system today in the United States.


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