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Most people think of marijuana in a fun, recreational way – but it can help medically – and for those with anxiety….and microdosing can make a difference. The imagine of people getting stoned is how most people thing of marijuana, but cannabis offers medical benefits which can change a patients life. From chronic pain to anxiety, it can provide a relief.  And it is one of the reasons the American Medical Association and Health and Human Services support rescheduling. But can microdosing marijuana help you?

The answer is probably yes, but you should talk to your health professional. The most common reasons including chronic pain and anxiety.  More complex reasons include treatment of cognitive deficits, mental illnesses, and many diseases considered incurable.   But to understand the benefits, you have to understand your situation and microdosing.

Microdosing is taking from 2.5-5 mg to “take off the edge” without getting really high.  It is a point to activate within your system to allow the medical properties to have effect and still allow full functioning abilities. You may do it for a day or longer term depending on how you react and also what your healthcare professional suggests.  Roughly 75% of people have a fear of speaking (glossophobia), you may do it for a day where you have to speak to large crowds, or longer if you anxiety is ongoing concern.

While depression and anxiety treatments have improved dramatically over the course of the past decade, medication and counseling are not equally effective for everyone. In fact, according to NCBI, antidepressants proved just 40-60% effective at managing symptoms. Medical cannabis is now consider a valid treatment option with microdosing being effective.

In regards to chronic pain, medical marijuana has been proven to be much, much less addictive than prescribed painkillers, especially opioids. Microsdoing can help you through post surgery, stomach pains, or other ongoing illness which can have a significant impact on day to day life.

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Gummies and vapes are the easiest way to microdose.  Very controlled small amounts in an easily portable vehicle makes it convenient to use when needed. Since gummies are absorbing differently in the body, it takes longer for them to kick in.  Vaping can hit in within 5-10 minutes. While there could be a hint of initial smell, it quickly fades and doesn’t leave an odor on clothes.

If you or someone you know has anxiety, pain or other issue which alters your daily life, talk to a professional and see if microdosing marijuana help you.


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