Why Do Legal Cannabis States See Less DUIs?

By Terry Hacienda, The Fresh Toast on

Published in Cannabis Daily

Cannabis should never have been made illegal in the first place. However, the same could be said for every other drug. While it’s true that meth doesn’t have the same “social value” as cannabis, consuming it should never be illegal.

In fact, if there is anything we can learn from prohibition it’s that by utilizing the “law enforcement approach” only makes the act of consuming drugs more dangerous. We have seen what can happen when we slowly educate people on the proper way of handling drugs.

We realize that when we treat people like adults and give them the freedom of choice, they typically tend to find some equilibrium and practice safe consumption habits.

In 2022, we need to recognize that the policies dreamed up by corrupt politicians over 50-years ago is the real cancer to society. And if we truly want to make society “safer” from drug consumption, we’ll take it out of the shadows, bring it into the light, and teach people the proper way of getting high.

It’s time we remove the stigma associated with drug consumption and recognize that we’re all caffeine junkies (for the most part). We’re all consuming a drug in one way or another, and just because some might have effects that make you question your very existence doesn’t mean that they should be illegal.

I’m sure, if we embrace drug use in a responsible manner and create the space for adults to experiment with their own consciousness,  the world would not end, drug addiction rates would drop, crime would drop, and we would be entering into a new cultural revolution within 10 years after legalization.


Of course, this last part is just personal conjecture, but one thing is certain: prohibition even fails at what prohibition aims to stop, it’s time for something better.

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