This Many Americans Now Think Cannabis Is Having A Positive Impact On Society

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Among the vital results, the survey reflected the level of support for cannabis legalization across the political scope. Respondents who identified as independents (24.0%), Republicans (25.4%), Democrats (33.4%), and others (4.8%) were asked if they would endorse pro-legalization candidates, and about 60% gave a positive reply.

The poll also indicated that three out of four Americans have the opinion that the Department of Veterans Affairs should review its policy. They believe the new policy should enable veterans to have access to cannabis for medical use based on a doctor’s prescription.

Jim Cacioppo, the founder and CEO of Jushi Holdings, which commissioned the study, claimed that more Americans have been venturing into the legal cannabis market. He affirmed that such is made possible thanks to the legalization of recreational use of cannabis that took place 10 years ago. He went on to say that this movement into the legal cannabis market had changed people’s perception of marijuana and the industry in general.

According to Jim, the increase in quality jobs and societal and economic perks of the regulated marketplace are evidently echoing among Americans. Hence, he believes the current trend will only grow and intensify with time as more people come to accept cannabis. Medical First About one-third (30.7%) of respondents who use cannabis stated that they use it once or twice per week. The survey showed that most consume cannabis products in the evening.

Before the survey, it was already established that cannabis is commonly used for pain control in the United States. However, while cannabis isn’t strong enough for serious pain (for instance, a broken bone), it is very effective for mild pains. In fact, a lot of Americans prefer to use cannabis for medical use instead of opiates as it is less addictive and impossible to overdose.

Evidently, marijuana has proven to be effective in easing nerve pain and pain of multiple sclerosis. A lot of patients have claimed that cannabis helps ease the pain and allows them to carry out daily activities without feeling disengaged. Similarly, cannabis also serves as a muscle relaxant, and people have testified of its efficacy to reduce tremors of Parkinson’s disease.


Several reports have also claimed the use of marijuana in treating interstitial cystitis, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, and other conditions accompanied by chronic pain. Cannabis is also used in weight loss treatment, nausea management, and glaucoma. Conclusion As the survey suggests, the positive impact of cannabis on society is significant, and more is expected to come. An interesting research right now is the use of cannabis in the treatment of PTSD veterans coming back from the other combat zone. This is why many now advocate that the Department of Veterans Affairs should review its policy to enable veterans to have access to cannabis for medical use.

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