Does Changing The Temperature On Your Vape Pen Actually Affect Your High?

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Not only do cannabis resins contain cannabinoids including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the legendary “high” chemical, but also terpenes. The cannabis plant has 400 plus chemical compounds, and they all have various boiling points and unique properties. How Changing Vaporizer Temp Affects Your High Adjusting your vaporizer temperature affects your high in a couple of ways. When set at temperatures 290°F to 330°F, the vaporizer is just at the point where it begins to melt the trichomes mildly and then release a vapor ( albeit hardly visible to the naked eye). This gentle steam gives you a little feel of cannabinoid and terpenoid therapy.

At higher temperatures up to 445°F, a vaporizer will melt trichomes, and also release lots of THC, including other molecules. At this level get a reasonably increased high, and it comes with vapors easily visible. At levels above 445°F, there’s a risk of combustion, meaning burning cannabis at that temperature will burn the plant.

Boiling points of cannabinoids and terpenoids also affect your high. Lower temperatures might not express the impacts of certain cannabinoids and terpenoids. In the same vein, higher temperatures tend to burn off the compounds.

Find below a list of some boiling points of some cannabis compounds. THC: 314.6°F (THC-A 220°F)CBD: 320°F (CBD-A 240°F)CBN: 365°FCBC: 365°FTHCV: 428°FLimonene: 350.6°FB-caryophyllene: 246.2°FLinalool: 388.4°FPinene: 312.8°FMyrcene: 332.6°F Note that the boiling points for raw cannabis (THC-A) and THC differ. THC-A starts boiling at a lower temperature, but then, total decarboxylation can occur at a higher temperature.

This is why high temp vaporizers give better responses. Should you want to keep it light, it’s recommended you remain at a lower temperature. Low-Temperature 290-330°F Low-temperature vaporization causes a milder, relaxed feeling. At this temperature range, the experience will be less sedative, and you’ll likely experience more pine and peppery flavors. CBD and THC will be shown at temperature range 290-330°F, but you’re not likely to have an impactful high. This is the perfect temperature for better focus, improved mood, and for dealing with stress and anxiety. Moderate Temperature 330-370°F The temperature range 330-370°F gives you a clear psychoactive feel. This range is mostly recommended for cannabis consumers with adequate tolerance. Terpenes and Cannabinoids are expressed at this range, and it’s recommended for those in search of a high that won’t exactly affect your normal activities. This level is the best for social gatherings. High Temperature 370-445°F This temperature range is the point where users experience the highest high, significant pain relief, and sometimes, sedation. Strains high in THCV is recommended to be used at this temperature range, having boiling points higher than THC and CBD. The temperature range 370-445 gives the perfect cannabis high so desired by recreational consumers. Conclusion The above temperature levels don’t really “make” the impacts; they adjust them. Make sure to remember that the constraints of your customization are set by whatever strain you’re working with. Remember that with expansions in temperatures, you can open up more fundamental mixtures. Be that as it may, go excessively hot and you might be obliterating a portion of those sensitive cannabinoids and terpenes.


Everybody has their inclination, and it’s dependent upon you to track down your cherished temperature.

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