Does Changing The Temperature On Your Vape Pen Actually Affect Your High?

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While some cannabinoids can endure a higher temperature, terpenes, the medicinal balms of the plant which give it its taste and smell, can’t.

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Numerous weed buyers, new and stale inclusive, feel that tweaking their pot buzz is restricted to the strains they have on their racks. However, the temperature is a similarly significant element.

Picking the best temperature to vape weed is one of the most indistinct and questionable subjects in dry cannabis vaping, yet you can see precisely what temperature is best for accomplishing your ideal impacts. Actually, there isn’t a single temperature to vape weed that can be regarded as the best. The best temperature to vape your cannabis is completely reliant upon what impacts you’re searching for, however, it wavers somewhere in the range of 320°F(160°C) and 446°F(230°C).

Consider temperature control as the way to open whatever impacts a strain can offer. (be it gentle/mild, moderate, or even intense).  A strain that is high in CBD (non-inebriating, unwinding, against epileptic), for instance, should be warmed to the compound’s edge of boiling over 356°F assuming you’re to receive its rewards. Similarly, the loosening up terpene linalool isn’t released until you hit 388°F. Temperature can likewise decide a strain’s power: higher temperatures regularly overstate impacts while lower temperatures offer a more delicate, smooth insight.

Changing the temperature of your vaporizer can be likened to knowing the real-time difference between mild steam and intense boiling. While smoking burns plant matter, vaporization gives a gentle warmth to cannabis buds.


Adjusting the temperature up and down actually adjusts the quality of your high. This is the reason you must get a vaporizer that allows you to control the temperature. This way, you have full control of your high and intake of cannabis. Importance of Vaporizer Temperature While some cannabinoids — compounds found in the pot that can furnish the buyer with various impacts — can endure a higher temperature, terpenes, the medicinal balms of the plant which give it its taste and smell, can’t. In this way, vaping at a lower temperature will give a more fragrance-like flavor, while a higher temperature will deliver more fumes and will be a more exceptional high.

Actuating these mixtures is basically what furnishes the client with an encounter, one that is getting progressively more straightforward to manage, thanks to innovation.

Herb vaporizers are involved in heating flowers just to the point that trichomes start to dissolve, changing the tacky fats from their strong structure to vapor or fume steam.

Trichomes are the tear glands of the cannabis plant. These glands are on the outer layer of the plant material and are generally moved in the female marijuana blossom. Trichomes are the place where the essential restorative and psychoactive mixtures in the herb dwell.


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