Essential Guide To Understanding Marijuana Concentrates

By Tom Gaffey, The Fresh Toast on

Published in Cannabis Daily

Concentrates should certainly be handled carefully. Just like with any form of THC, one should carefully research and monitor their consumption.

As marijuana business continues to explode in its growth, the methods of its consumption seem to evolve just as quickly. Flower cannabis represents only a small portion of most dispensary retail operations. And as time goes on, concentrates are becoming more popular and diverse.

As this niche market begins to outsell other marijuana products, it is important to understand exactly what marijuana concentrates are. What Are Marijuana Concentrates? Concentrates are just that, concentrated forms. There are several methods, but every form of concentrate represents much more potent THC or CBD content than its flower predecessor. Flower normally has a THC content that ranges from 10% to 25%, but concentrated products can exceed 80%. 

The way a concentrate is extracted or made affects the final product. This also affects how it is consumed. Some concentrates are smoked while others are vaporized. Some can be applied to the skin while others can be eaten or even drunk. Common Forms of Concentrates There is a long list of concentrates on the market currently, and the list will likely continue to grow as other niche markets continue to form.  There are several concentrate varieties that are popular and worth noting as a starting point of knowledge for those who want to learn more.


Hash is the “OG” concentrate. It has been enjoyed for centuries, and has made quite a comeback with the boom of concentrates. Hash is typically fragrant, and is often pressed into a dense ball before consumption.



Shatter is a form of butane hash oil. Those who seek to find shatter often do so because it is widely considered to be the purest form of concentrate. It is usually a clear solid substance with a smooth texture. It can resemble glass, and just like glass it can shatter — hence the name.

Live Resin  

Live resin is extracted directly from a fresh flower after it is flash-frozen. This method preserves a lot of the cannabis aroma and terpenes so it is a great choice for those who love that rich marijuana flavor. But, Is Resin A Good Replacement If Marijuana Supplies Go Dry?


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