Common Mistakes To Avoid When Making Marijuana Edibles

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Don’t grind your cannabis too much

Grinding your cannabis into a fine powder will make your recipe taste grassy and bad, all the while giving a green tint to your oil. The fine grind will also make it harder for you to strain the plant out of the oil, leaving you with ugly and bad tasting chunks of weed in your edibles. In order to avoid this, grind the marijuana with your hands, mix it into the oil and then strain it.

Taste your cannabutter

If you’re making cannabutter, remember to taste as you go. Cannabutter is great in cannabis edibles, simplifying recipes, so it’s very important to ensure that you know what you’re working with, in terms of flavor and potency. Before you start cooking, try a spoonful of cannabutter. If you cook with the necessary time, you’ll have an understanding of how strong your cannabutter is and how much you should pour into whatever it is you’re baking.

Avoid taking liberties with the recipe

If you’re feeling creative, hold back. Unless you’re a baking and cannabis handling expert, it’s best to stick to the recipe, increasing your odds of success and making an edible that’s actually edible.


It’s better to be safe than sorry

Preparing edibles is a taxing process, so it’s logical if you’re feeling tired and just want to get to cooking without having to take any extra steps. Nevertheless, if you want your edibles to have some sort of uniformity, make sure to use the same amounts of infused oil per serving. If you prepared the oil yourself and want to know how strong it is, have a teaspoon, wait for an hour and see how you feel.

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