A Closer Look At The Ever-Increasing Cannabis-Mushroom Products Hitting The Market

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How do both plants interact and compare, and why are marijuana businesses interested in this synergy to create a wellness product?

If you have been paying attention to the fitness market, you must have heard of the term “functional fitness.” This term refers to training your body for the activities you perform daily. There’s also “functional nutrition,” a philosophy that boosts the utilization of food as medicine to avert and alleviate dietary and lifestyle-related illnesses.

Within the last weeks, if you have walked down the aisle at Whole Foods, you would have seen “functional mushrooms” that contain beneficial substances that will positively affect your health. These are multitasking mushrooms that are beginning to appear everywhere, from candy bars to coffee. Initially, they were highly competitive against cannabis because of the way they took over the wellness industry.

However, numerous companies are beginning to blend together medicinal mushrooms, CBD and THC, leading to a super supplement, products for health-conscious consumers, and edibles. Beyond Cookies  Cookies is an international marijuana brand that introduced Caps, a 3-in-1 capsule that mixes non-psilocybin fresh medical mushrooms with marijuana compounds. The mushrooms in the Cookies formula are high in ergosterol, beta-glucans, and full-spectrum. They are also grown to fullness, offered by mushroom extract manufacturer Nammex, and encapsulated by Blue River.

However, Cookies is not the only business venture mixing mushrooms with marijuana. TerraVita also offers two formulations: Shroom capsules with a mix of mushrooms and CBD and Relax CBD capsules. The TerraVita’s Shroom’s mix is rich in cordyceps, reishi, and lion’s mane in a distinct formula that boosts the immune system. The combination also relieves stress, works with a mixture of reishi with ayurvedic herb, ashwagandha and L-theanine to restore the body to a healthier state.

Additionally, Pantry’s Good Day Bites is also getting a lot of attention for their collection of bites rich in 1:1 THC: CBD with other functional mushrooms and adaptogens. The company desired the reached out to doctors, nutritionists, and Michelin star chef, Michael Magliano to create a collection of medicinal treats. The collection includes Cacao Keto Bites and Nite Bites that are rich in cannabinoids such as CBN and CBD.


At the Pantry website, you will find a dosage calculator that enables customers to calculate how many chocolates they can consume to get the good vibes they desire. Other companies like HempWorks, 7 Wonders Mushrooms, and Buddha Teas utilize functional mushrooms to create optimal health products. Additionally, more companies are joining the trend because it is now evident that cannabis mushroom products have the “hit” factor.

Consumers will see more of such products that symbolize the collaboration between marijuana and functional mushrooms. Scientists are already researching it to keep up with the demand, and with a growing cannabis community, it is evident that these products will soar.

So what is the connection between mushrooms and cannabis? How do both plants interact and compare, and why are marijuana businesses interested in this synergy to create a wellness product? Connection Between Mushrooms and Cannabis Using cannabis and mushrooms depends on the kind of cannabis being used and the timing for your usage. The combination of mushrooms with CBD-based marijuana strains reduces certain uncomfortable feelings like anxiety and nausea, which happens to some people when they take only mushrooms.

However, things get interesting when you combine THC-rich strains with mushrooms, as you will increase the intensity of your marijuana experience. You may experience highly intriguing thought patterns with improved visual and auditory imaginations. This intensity may make you a little bit uncomfortable if it is your first time, but as time goes on, you will get used to it.


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