5 Common Problems That Plague Marijuana Users And How To Fix Them

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Regular marijuana users tend to know how to get high efficiently. Still, accidents happen. Here’s how to fix them.

Seasoned marijuana users don’t tend to stumble into bad highs or a bong that smokes poorly. These people tend to be ready when it’s time to smoke, having all of the necessary tools to get high as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Still, accidents can happen, ruining your moment to get high and forcing you to look for alternatives when you’d rather do anything else.

Here are 5 of the most common problems that pester marijuana users, and how to fix them.

Running out of weed

Smoking weed and then running out of it is a thing that rarely happens unless you’re distracted by other people, or keep your stash stored in different places. It’s terrible either way. Fortunately, in this day and age, you can just order some more online. And while you may have to wait a bit and loose some of that exciting buzz, the losses aren’t that great. You can stay in your couch and wait comfortably in your pajamas.

Broken bongs and pipes

Accidents happen, especially when stoned. A broken bong isn’t fun; aside from the fact that you lost something expensive, you’ll also get your floor or rug wet with all of that weed water, which, even if you’re amongst the rare breed of clean smokers who changes bong water per session, is still very gross.

There’s not much you can do when it comes to a broken bong or a pipe, except to clean it all up and put it away.Don’t smoke from anything that’s broken, not even if the damage is minor. The one thing you can do is to keep some rolling paper in hand and pivot your consumption method. You can buy a new bong or joint tomorrow, once you’ve done your research and are no longer under the haze of weed.

Bad joints


Rolling joints is not a skill possessed by all weed smokers. Still, most of the time, rolling a joint the wrong way is something that can be ratified by learning how to do it the correct way, adding in some filters, buying the right rolling paper, or, when all else fails, buying a cigarette roller. Because life’s too short to get frustrated over a joint. Here’s How To Roll A Perfect Joint and How To Make Your Joints Burn Slower.

Too much marijuana smell

While too much marijuana odor might not be a problem when you’re alone or surrounded by your weed friends, it can be a problem when an unexpected guest pops in or when someone in your building complains about the smell. Getting rid of that skunky marijuana smell is difficult, but the easiest (while still faulty) way of eliminating it is by covering it up with a candle or a spritz of Febreze. While some people have the ability to smoke freely, others don’t; for these people, devices like smoke buddies or vaporizers can make things much simpler. Need some inspiration? Read: How 5 People Cover Up The Smell Of Marijuana.

Getting too high

Lastly, getting too high is something that doesn’t usually happen to regular smokers, but it can occur when trying out a new method, coming back from a tolerance break or using a new strain. When feeling too high, the best solution is to sleep it off. If you don’t have the time, go for a walk and drink some water, anything that stimulates you and allows you to relax. There’s not much you can do except stay calm and wait for it to pass. Here are 5 Pro-Tips To Come Down From A Marijuana High Quickly.

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