The Worst Marijuana Strains Of All-Time — And How To Choose The Best

By Terry Hacienda, The Fresh Toast on

Published in Cannabis Daily

Unfortunately, unpalatable and ineffective marijuana strains are priced the same way as mid and high-quality cannabis strains so consumers lose out on both fronts.

The cannabis markets in different locations are rich with options and different choices of cannabis strains for users to choose from. New hybrids are being developed nonstop, old breeds are being improved on with the passing season. So, it’s not unusual for anyone who uses cannabis to have fallen victim to bad quality strains in the market.

There will always be low-quality weed on the market, and their sellers will continue to do their best to pass it off as either high-quality or medium quality strain. These bad low-quality weeds are popularly referred to as schwag, brick bud, dirt, and bunk. The most popular name for bad weed is “Reggie”.

Determining which weed is good and which is not might seem tricky, but you only have to pay attention to a few details to figure out if a strain is low-grade, high-grade, or mid-grade.

These details include the:





THC content

Presence of trichomes


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