The Rookie’s Guide To Kush Weed

By Terry Hacienda, The Fresh Toast on

Published in Cannabis Daily

Almost a thousand strains of cannabis owe their existence to the amazing Hindu weed. Of all the strains of Kush weed, the closest to the landrace original Hindu weed is the OG Kush.

As a freshman in the cannabis world, there’s a high chance that the only times you’ve heard the word “kush” was in a hip-hop track. So, there’s a lot you likely do not understand yet.

What is Kush?

When an experienced cannabis user hears the slang “kush”, the first thing that comes to mind is high-quality weed. That’s what the kush strain is — a highly potent weed.

Officially, Kush is a term used to classify a family of Indica-dominant cannabis strains. Unofficially, it is the go-to term used by the western world to qualify high-quality black market cannabis.

The ancestry of the kush weed can be traced to the region known as the Hindu Kush — it was also named after this region. The Hindu Kush region is located within the mountains between the Pakistan and Afghanistan borders. It is one of the best regions for growing native marijuana due to its soil features which is perfect for the growth of the plants and the fact that the area is in a deep valley and shielded by hillsides.


Kush weed can also be cultivated in various places around the world. The plant has adaptable characteristics that make it very resistant to unfavorable environmental elements. Due to this, it is highly preferred among growers.

Presently, over 900 varieties of weed  originate from the Hindu Kush, and there is a likely chance that the original strain is extinct.

History Of The Rise of Kush Weed

It is not uncommon to see popular strains of kush bagging the respected marijuana awards globally. This is all thanks to the hippies who were actively involved in distributing the kush cannabis seed to western countries in the 1960s and 1970s. Countries like  Turkey, America, Canada, Pakistan, India, and several European countries were stops along the route followed by these young hippies then.


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