Why Terpene Profiles May Shape The Future Of Cannabis

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Extracting CBD oil is very expensive, especially one that contains a mix of natural cannabis terpenes which gives a pleasant aroma. But there is a cost-effective way of getting it done which entails stripping the terpenes and using them later.

Things get very interesting from here as instead of using cannabis or hemp-extracted terpenes alone. Companies also use identical non-cannabis-derived terpenes instead of supplements to make safer, more consistent, and effective products. Terpenes are also great for edibles and skincare products.

Botanically-derived terpenes are used in some skincare products as there is a new technological process that captures the flower’s essence, and it is used for the products.

With the enormous potentials terpenes hold, the cannabis aroma industry is expected to grow exponentially from 2021-2024. In fact, the terpene sector is projected to become a $1 billion sector.

These cannabis-derived and botanically-derived terpenes will make the reproduction of leading strains easier. With the increase in reproduction, customers will be happy, leading to greater product efficacy, safety, predictability, and quality. Who doesn’t like a good, safe, and sweet-smelling cannabis product? We all do!


Most cannabis users are already keen on going for flavor and aroma since the majority discovered terpenes’ impact. This trend will continue, thus cementing terpenes as the future of cannabis. Bottom line People are beginning to say goodbye to flavorless cannabis, and it’s all because of terpenes. Now lots of cannabis users enjoy their weed with a burst of aroma and flavor. There is no doubt that terpenes will play a significant role in shaping the future of cannabis, because it offers all a cannabis product needs to stand out.

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