The Best Tweets Celebrating Marijuana’s 2020 Election Victories

By Maria Loreto, The Fresh Toast on

Published in Cannabis Daily

Marijuana has amassed some great wins during this year’s election. And people are celebrating far and wide. Especially on Twitter.

Say what you will about the chaos surrounding the elections, but already they’ve marked a turning point in America’s position on marijuana. No matter how conservative the state, the majority of American voters supported marijuana, suggesting that we’re entering a new phase of the conversation on a federal level.

States like Arizona, New Jersey, South Dakota and Montana legalized recreational marijuana, while Oregon decriminalized all drugs, a giant step in curbing drug related arrests and changing perceptions regarding drug addiction.

Naturally, Twitter was hilariously elated. Many people, including celebrities, celebrated wins and shared hope for future victories in states that have still not legalized.

Here are some of our favorite tweets celebrating marijuana’s big win in this year’s elections: Watching other states legalize marijuana

— jack skellington (@bonedaddyyy_) November 5, 2020


Jersey really legalized marijuana and they don’t have to pump their own gas. What a flex tbh.

— Kenny Burgos (@KennyBurgosNY) November 5, 2020

Me watching all the other states legalize marijuana while I’m here in Texas…

— April🌀 (@abrrril5) November 4, 2020


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