Hikers complain of 'trash' sculptures installed at Arkansas state park


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(UPI) Hikers who frequent the trails at an Arkansas state park are protesting the installation of sculptures that have been compared to "a blob" and the gaudy artwork from the film Beetlejuice.

A petition that amassed nearly 3,000 signatures on Change.org calling for the Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism to stop installing sculptures by the side of trails at Pinnacle Mountain State Park and other state parks.

"These parks serve as sanctuaries for both wildlife and humans alike, offering respite from urban life and an opportunity to reconnect with nature," petition author Joshua Hamilton wrote. The introduction of art installations disrupts this harmony. The visual impact can be jarring against the backdrop of natural scenery, altering visitors' experiences and potentially disturbing local ecosystems.

Hamilton said the sculptures at Pinnacle Mountain State Park are particularly unappealing.

"Looks like a jumble of trash, looks like someone took tornado wreckage and stuck it up there on a slab of concrete," he told KATV.


Mat Seeling, a mountain biker and visitor to the park, said he couldn't even identify what one sculpture was meant to represent, beyond "a blob of something."

Hamilton said several hikers have told him the sculptures resemble the gaudy artwork from 1988 film Beetlejuice.

"Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice," Hamilton quipped. And watch out for the sandworms.

The Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism has not responded to the petition, but a representative clarified that no taxpayer funds were used in the installation of the sculptures. They were funded by a private donation through the Arkansas Parks and Recreation Foundation.

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