WATCH: Bag containing $30,000 left behind on New York train


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(UPI) A pair of workers for New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority are being praised for reuniting a traveler with a lost bag containing $30,000 cash.

Assistant Conductor Christopher Nocito said he found the bag left behind on a Long Island Rail Road train to Ronkonkoma.

MTA workers soon discovered the bag was full of cash.

"I was told there was about $30,000 in it. I didn't actually count it," Nocito told WABC-TV.

Detective Kristin Riker with the MTA Police took on the task of trying to find the bag's owner.


"I was looking through the bag to if there was a receipt, a name," Riker said. They did leave a planner in the bag and I saw this person had an appointment to get their car inspected so I ended up contacting the mechanic and sent the mechanic a picture of the person asking if he can help me identify who the person was, and that got the ball rolling to get contact to the lost and found and reach out to this person so they can get their bag.

The bag and its valuable contents were returned to the owner.

A similar case made headlines last year when Juliet Barton lost a bag containing $12,000 while taking LIRR trains from Babylon to Rockville.

MTA workers poured through bags in the lost and found and were able to locate Barton's bag, with the cash still inside.

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