Venomous snake rescued from beer in Australia


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(UPI) Reptile wranglers in Australia came to the rescue of a thirsty snake found with its head stuck inside the opening at the top of a beer can.

Photos and video posted to Facebook by Brisbane North Snake Catchers and Relocation shows rescuers responding to a report of a snake trapped in a beer can in Brighton, Queensland.

The rescuers arrived to find the venomous red-bellied black snake's head was stuck inside a can of Victoria Bitter, a popular brand of beer.


The rescuers used tools to cut through the can and free the snake. They discovered the snake had likely not been in search of a stiff drink -- there was a dead frog inside the can. The state of the frog's decay indicted the snake had likely been trapped in the can for a few days, the rescuers said.

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