WATCH: Stuck dog rescued from cinder block wall in Arizona


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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Arizona came to the assistance of a curious dog that stuck his head through a hole in a cinder block wall and became stuck.

The Arizona Humane Society, which posted video of the rescue to Facebook, said the 2-year-old pit bull terrier mix, named Buddy, got away from his owner in Phoenix and ended up getting his head stuck through a hole in a cinder block wall.

The AHS said emergency technicians spent about 20 minutes chiseling away at the blocks to free Buddy from his predicament.

Buddy was taken to a veterinarian to receive treatment for bites he sustained to his face from another dog while stuck in the wall.


"The other dog was not very appreciative of him being there and proceeded to bite him multiple times on the head," veterinarian Andrew Tornell told KNXV-TV.

Buddy was returned to his owner, who had been searching for the dog and contacted the AHS.

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