Man wins $3.4 million using lottery numbers from different drawing


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(UPI) An Australian man who won a nearly $3.4 million lottery jackpot said his numbers came from an unusual source -- a previous lottery drawing.

The Melbourne retiree told The Lott officials he always chooses his own numbers for the Set for Life drawing, and a few months ago he decided to change up the digits.

"Last time the big Powerball jackpot was won I had a look at the numbers and thought to myself 'those must be winning numbers' and decided to play those from now on," the winner said. So whenever I mark an entry, I make sure some of those numbers are in there.

The man's lucky feeling about the numbers proved prescient when he won $3,374,712 in the Oct. 26 drawing using a ticket he bought from the Reservoir Newsagency in Reservoir.


"I don't have a car at the moment, so that's the first thing I'll buy," the man said. I'll save up for a bit and get a nice new one. I'll probably invest some of the rest.

"I might go away for a bit of a break too when I can," he said. Most of all I'm just excited not to have to ask the bank for money ever again.

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