Watch: Lights in Hawaii sky believed to be from 12-year-old rocket booster


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(UPI) Experts said bright lights spotted in the sky over Hawaii were likely the remnants of a booster from a rocket launched 12 years ago.

John O'Meara, chief scientist of the W. M. Keck Observatory in Waimea, said the lights spotted in the sky Saturday night likely were from the booster of a Chinese rocket launched in 2008.

Mary Beth Laychak, strategic communications director for the Canada France Hawaii Telescope, said the appearance of the lights lines up with projections of the booster's re-entry path.


"We can't be 100% certain because we don't have any of the pieces of the debris," Laychak told KHON-TV. But the pattern of the lights that we saw in our time lapse combined with this map.

"This flight path and the precision at which all of these companies are able to estimate where their objects will enter and how they'll break up is what really leads us to believe that this was this Venesat-1 re-entering the atmosphere," she said.

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