VIDEO: Shark bites kayak in California, leaves behind teeth


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(UPI) A kayaker off the coast of California's Catalina Island said a great white shark chomped down on the back of his kayak and left two teeth behind as evidence.

Danny McDaniel of San Diego said he was kayaking with friend John Chambers near Ship Rock in Camp Emerald Bay during the afternoon Saturday when the shark's head unexpectedly came out of the water and enveloped the back of his boat.

"I saw the snout of the shark over the back of the kayak," he told the Los Angeles Times. Then I followed the snout up and there's a giant, immense body off to the right side of the boat.

Chambers shouted from about 25 feet away for McDaniel to hit the shark on the head with his paddle, but McDaniel said he was frozen with fear.


The shark held on for about five seconds before letting go and swimming away, leaving behind two of its teeth.

McDaniel said the incident was chronicled by his fitness tracker.

"My heart jumped at 4:30 exactly, about 150 yards west from Ship Rock," he said.

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