Venomous cobra found inside man's bedroom fan


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An Indian man said he reached to switch on his bedroom fan and quickly stopped when he spotted a venomous cobra curled up inside the fan.

Gadadhar Mallik said he was at his home in Delanga town, near Puri, when he discovered the potentially deadly snake curled up inside his fan.

Mallik contacted the snake Snake Helpline, which dispatched trapper Susant Behera to the home.


Behera took the fan outside, where the snake eventually slithered out through the metal bars and was captured by the trapper.

He snake was released into a nearby forest area.

"Snakes are curious by nature," Snake Helpline founder Subhendu Mallik said. The cobra would have come across the fan while moving around the room and put its head between the spokes of the fan grill. Finding it safe it would have slithered its entire body inside.

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