K9 Cinemas in Texas allows dogs into movie theater


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(UPI) K9 Cinemas in Plano, Texas, gives moviegoers the opportunity to watch older films with up to two of their dogs.

The dog-friendly movie theater caters to canines with comfortable seating and offers $15 tickets which includes bottomless wine and admission for dogs.

Younger visitors under 21 are given free soft drinks at the $15 price point while regular tickets cost $5 for dogs, $9 for kids and $12.50 for adults.

The theater, founded by Eric Lankford, is transitioning to a members only facility open from Monday to Saturday with membership prices ranging from $19 to $29 a month.

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K9 Cinemas also hosts themed events such as Wednesday karaoke nights and Thursday trivia. A special midnight screening of HBO's final episode of Game of Thrones recently took place.

Visitors must follow the theater's "doggone rules" which include having to clean up after your pet, keeping them on a leash at all times, providing valid paperwork proving that the dog is up to date on their shots and that each guest can only bring up to two dogs.

"We have a big heart for our furry family members in our lives and believe they should get a night out with you!" the K9 Cinemas website says.

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