Veterinarian patches tortoise's shell with screen door repair kit


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(UPI) A California veterinarian said he made a trip to Home Depot and bought a screen door repair kit to save the life of an injured tortoise.

Dr. Daniel Barbour said the tortoise was brought into the Humane Society of San Diego about two weeks ago with a hole in its shell just over the shoulder.

"I did have to get a little bit creative," he told KSWB-TV. I've never done something like this before.

Barbour used a screen door repair kit and some fiberglass epoxy from Home Depot to patch the hole in the animal's shell.


"I'm actually pretty proud of my accomplishment," Barbour said.

Suzy Clayton, rescue supervisor at the Humane Society, praised Barbour's actions on Facebook.

"Incredible work as usual by one of San Diego Humane Society's best, Dr. Barbour!" she wrote.

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