The Angels of 11/11

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6. A (not-so) secret Corduroy Club has claimed Nov. 11 as its special day and symbol because of the similarities to the ridges represented in the number to the fabric they adore.

7. Philadelphia-based band Eleven Eleven rocks many a weekend gig playing popular covers.

8. There is a trend of increasing belief in the auspiciousness of 11, resulting in many marriages taking place on Nov. 11.

9. Across the globe, babies born on 11/11 often receive special media attention.

10. Many spiritualists believe the dead are more available for communication at 11:11.

11. Wishing you felicity this 11/11 and beyond!

CELEBRITY PROFILES: Demi Moore was born in Roswell, New Mexico, home of one of the most famous UFO controversies. Scorpio natives love a good mystery, and they usually have a special way of cultivating intrigue, too. Moore has caused a stir on a number of occasions for various reasons, including posing nude while pregnant, shaving her head and marrying a man 15 years her junior.

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