White to Play and Mate in Three or Four!

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Again, we have a two-tiered problem. The newer or less advanced get four moves to find a mate. The experts have to find a mate in three. Happy hunting!


You can mate in four with 1.Kg3 c4 [1...g4 2.Qf4#] 2.Kg4 c3 3.Qxc3+ [3.Qe3+ Kf6 4.Qxg5#] 3...Ke4 4.Qe1#

The mate in three goes like this: 1.Qf2 g4 [1...c4 2.Qd4+ Kf5 3.Rf7#; 1...Ke4 2.Qe2+ Kf4 3.Rf7#] 2.Qe3+ Kf5 [2...Kf6 3.Qf4#] 3.Rf7#


A composition by W. Jacobs of New York.

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