White to Play

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White has to deal with an obvious threat: Black queening the c-pawn, so what do you do?

This was a study composed by the Peruvian GM Esteben Canal. 1.Kf5 c2 1...Kxh5 2.a7 c2 3.a8=Q c1=Q 4.Qh8+ Qh6 5.Qe8+ Kh4 6.Qe1+ g3 7.Qh1 mate 2.Nf4 c1=Q 3.g3+ Kxg3 4.Ne2+ Kh3 5.Nxc1 g3 6.a7 g2 7.Ne2 d3 8.Ng1+ Kh2 9.Nf3+ Kg3 10.a8Q d2 11.Qd5 c4 12.Ke4 c3 13.Qd4 c2 14.Qd6+ Kf2 15.Qxd2+ Kg3 16.Qe1+ Kg4 17.Qh4 mate


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